Meet Sherlock, a beautiful 8 week old Labrador puppy that recently stayed in our Long Eaton hospital. The owners had only had him three days when he started vomiting and brought up a whole collar!!  John Oleshko examined him and could feel something abnormal when palpating his abdomen.

X-rays were then taken and showed what looked like another collar within his intestines. As it has managed to pass this far it was decided we would monitor him and give treatment to try and lubricate it’s passage. With some assistance from another vet Katy; he was able to pass another entire collar completely intact!

Sherlock is doing well and has recently gone home to settle with his new family for Christmas!

October is Dental Month!

Make the most of having your pet’s teeth cleaned as it is 10% off all dental treatment and 20% off for gold club members!

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