One gorgeous blind whippet joined in, and a small black lab tried to blend in with the chase.

Friends, mad runs, sniffs, and a family get together-what could be better at a weekend? Thanks Phil for organising a wonderful event.

There must have been 30 + whippets and close relatives join for a delightful Bramcote stroll walk yesterday.

Walk in the loosest term, as what they like best off lead is to charge round with each other at 40mph in ever decreasing circles missing other dogs/owners/trees by millimetres.

Very little noise for so many dogs, just huge “Having fun’-ness and an extra pleasure of the Bramcote park woodlands for those new to it.

October is Dental Month!

Make the most of having your pet’s teeth cleaned as it is 10% off all dental treatment and 20% off for gold club members!

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