Are in order for Vet Laura Pugh who has just gained her Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate in Advance Veterinary Practice!

Laura has been working toward this qualification for the past 5 years and has taken modules in small mammals (distinction), reptile medicine (credit) and zoological medicine as well as cats and dogs.

Read Laura’s advice with exotics such as tortoises, chickens, parrots, bearded dragons etc as well as her specialisation with acupuncture.

The qualification can be considered equivalent to a masters degree and Laura hopes to take another module in avian medicine and some more exams to upgrade her certificate to a Zoological Medicine certificate and become an Advanced Practitioner!

This doesn’t mean she will be wrestling with tigers and elephants in zoos but there is no equivalent certificate for exotic pets which are her main interest.

Several other vets at Ashfield House are also studying hard for certificates in surgery, ophthalmology and feline medicine so watch this space!!

Vets Katy, John and Patricia are proud holders or certificates in medicine, dermatology and cardiology already.

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