We have our own on-site laboratory at our Long Eaton hospital and Byron branch, which means we can run diagnostic tests rapidly at the practice.

We frequently use the microscope to help diagnose certain conditions – it is a very useful aid to help look for urinary tract infections, check red and white blood cells parameters, normal & abnormal cells, mites and other skin lesions.

The first image shows an active urinary tract infection, the second is a blood smear, with the blue/grey cells being red blood cells, and the pink cells with purple-lobed centres being the white blood cells that fight infection.

The third image is normal corneal epithelial (eye) cells.

We’ll be forever grateful to Ashfield who treated our cat Titan with the same illness, and saved him, as well as the donors of the cat blood. (Who were our friends).

I can sympathise with the patient’s owners as it’s such a worrying time. Well done Boris and Ashfield. What great owners you have too. I’d always urge anyone that can to donate their pet’s blood –  it truly is lifesaving. 

A. Bailey

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