Thank You! Pru RideLondon 100 achieved!

Photo at the finish with Buckingham Palace behind.

YOU have helped raise £440 so far for Johns 100 mile charity bike ride in London – wonderful weather, great atmosphere and cycling, although hard work by 90 miles! The great news is that Team Breathe for the British Lung Foundation has raised over £30,00 through the event. (If you feel you want to contribute it to tip the amount over £500, let reception know or donate online at

Sadly for the rider there was an accident at 40 miles which caused a huge snarl up and a 90 minute delay, otherwise my time would have been 6 1/2 hours. Not A Chris Froome time but it was my first century ride.

Thank you again to all the very kind and generous staff and clients who sponsored and supported me.


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