Pixie and Wolvie came in to see Katy as they had a poorly tummy! They are polydactyls which means they have an extra digit – have a look at their ‘thumbs’. How cute are they!

We hope they are feeling better soon!

Gorgeous kitten Pixie

Polydactyl cats are cats that have extra toes on either their front and/or hind feet. The condition has been seen in many breeds of pedigree cat as well as non-pedigree cats.

Polydactyly is inherited as a dominant gene defect, sometimes with variable gene penetration. Recent work has shown that the defect is generally the same in cats as in humans.

They are considered to be good luck in certain households!

Gorgeous kitten Pixie
Gorgeous kitten Pixie

October is Dental Month!

Make the most of having your pet’s teeth cleaned as it is 10% off all dental treatment and 20% off for gold club members!

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