With Mother’s day this month, please remember that lilies in a vase are VERY toxic to cats.

Cats only need to ingest a small amount of the flower or water to become very ill.

If you suspect your cat has ingested any amount or even licked some of the pollen, please call us immediately for advice. Do not wait until signs develop if you know your cat has definitely ingested some.


Signs of lily poisoning include:
– Wobbly, drunken gait
– Vomiting
– Drinking lots
– Urinating lots
– Lethargy

For more information, click on the link to the International Cat Care, or call us on 0115 972 7050.

If you are buying flowers for your loved one PLEASE ensure there are NO lilies in the bouquet – they are incredibly toxic to cats. The water is poisonous too if drunk by your cats.

Please make sure all your cat-owning friends are aware of this if they receive any lilies.

For further information see: icatcare.org/cat-campaigns/lily-toxicity

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