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We have a very limited number of DNA testing kits for crossbreed dogs to determine their underlying breeds!

wisdom panel at Ashfield House VetsWe have a very limited number of DNA testing kits for cross-breed dogs to determine their underlying breeds!

This is done by using a swab inside the mouth and sending it to a specialist laboratory for a breakdown of the different breeds making up your dog (not yet available for cats!).

You can see more here: www.wisdompanel.co.uk. We have them at our Long Eaton branch for £59.99.

FREE Senior Clinics with our Nurses

urine kits and elderly white catWe are now offering FREE senior clinics with our nurses!
Did you know – Senior cats are more likely to have kidney problems?
This can be checked with a simple urine sample. Is your cat over 10 years old?
If so, why not pop in and collect a FREE urine sample kit? Simply take home and when you have collected a urine sample, make an appointment and bring it and your cat in to see one of our nurses for a senior check up.
A FREE blood pressure test may also be performed if any abnormalities are noted on the urine sample – the results will be referred to one of our vets.

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