Westie Rosie standing on the counter at Byron Surgery being held by owner

Here at Ashfield House we understand that for some dogs a visit to the vets can be a pretty daunting experience so here a list of handy hints!

•Is your pet under 14 weeks old? Why not join our puppy club!

•Get your dog used to having its body handled regularly- ears, eyes, feet, mouth etc. this makes a clinical exam seem much less intrusive if the dog is used to being touched

•Pop in and visit us socially, when your pet is CALM give plenty of praise, treats and fuss. Petting, treating even talking to a nervous dog actually reinforces the nervous behavior making it much worse!

•Bring your dog to dinner! You are quite welcome to bring your dog in at meal times, we can place you in a quiet room where your dog can leisurely enjoy their meal reinforcing that good things happen at the vets!

•If your dog needs to wear a muzzle during vet visits it is worth investing in a muzzle of your own that you can place BEFORE you enter the surgery when your dog is less ‘stressed’ muzzle training is very important for nervous dogs!

•If your dog’s behaviour is a concern to you then do ask us about our behaviourist referral service

Cats do not spread Covid-19

Cats do not spread Covid-19

We want to reassure our clients that according to all experts’ opinion and science COVID19 virus spread from human to human and animals do not spread it

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Coronavirus Advice

Coronavirus Advice

We will no longer be able to do routine appointments or vaccinations. Please note that these are within RCVS and government guidelines

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