Some of you may be aware of a post by a local veterinary practice discussing a tick from Bramcote Woods and the possibility of Babesiosis. Upon speaking with the veterinary clinic involved, we would just like to clarify the following:

The dog did NOT have the disease Babesiosis. The tick was thought to be the Dermacentor species, and has been sent off for testing as part of a nationwide tick monitoring scheme. While this tick has been associated with Babesia in Essex, not all of them are carrying the disease.

We will of course keep you all updated of any new developments. If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us on 0115 9727050 – we will be more than happy to discuss the new emerging Babesia threat and discuss parasite control.

Dog owners in the UK are being warned about an outbreak of an animal disease that is carried by ticks.

It is the first time that experts have established an outbreak of babesiosis in the country.

In Essex, two dogs have died and three others needed blood transfusions after contracting the disease.

Experts say that it will be impossible to stop the spread of the disease, which is caused by a single-celled parasite.

The ticks carrying the Babesia canis parasite have been found in fields in Harlow, Essex. The local council has put up a sign with a map defining the area and advising dog walkers not to enter.

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Does Program Plus cover ticks?

There is no tablet or spot-on solution that covers for everything. While Program Plus and Prinovox are both excellent products that cover a wide range of fleas and worms (including lungworm), they do not cover for ticks.

If you would like additional tick cover, we can dispense another product that would kill ticks. It is also recommended that you frequently check your pet for the presence of ticks, especially after walks.

If you require any more information, please give us a telephone call on 0115 972 7050 at our Long Eaton Hospital.

Sweet dog called Milo with 1 ear up and other ear flapped down

This handsome chap is Milo, who belongs to Luke, our nurse at Byron. He is looking very innocent!

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