Spay operation at Ashfield House Vets showing both ovaries and the uterus being held up over incision by gloved hands

Both ovaries and the uterus are removed as shown at our Ashfield House Hospital

Why Spay Your Cat?

We recommend that female cats or queens are spayed at around 5 months to:

  • stop your cat having unwanted litters of kittens
  • reduce unwanted attention (and resultant smell) from entire Toms
  • stop her “calling” which is a distressing wailing sound that often upsets owners

I’m sure when I take my cat Caitlin there I never have the same cat 🙂

Normally my cat is vicious and tries to destroy anyone she doesn’t know, but when I take her to the vets she is as good as gold and doesn’t lash out.

Do you vets have a secret smell or something? lol

Claire in Long Eaton

Cats are seasonal polyoestrus, which means they come into season multiple times per year.

We recommend cats are spayed at around 5 months of age. It is a day procedure, so they go home that evening. We clip the fur on the left side of their abdomen and a small incision is made.

They are sent home with pain relief and we usually see them back in a week for a post operative check to make sure everything is healing ok.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to book your cat in to be spayed, please call us on 0115 972 7050.

Spay operation at Ashfield House Vets showing anaesthetised cat on side with shaved side and small spay wound

The muscle, fat and skin layers are sutured up with dissolving suture material.

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