This week is Dog Bite Prevention Week- I know that every week is such and such week, but this is important to check out at the RSPCA site, as it affects all of us, especially if you have young children. A lot of dog bite injuries are to children under 9, and are preventable with some simple advice-do visit the site- here is some of their advice:

Never leave your child alone in a room with a dog, even your own dog.

Teach kids not to approach dogs if they are eating or have food; if they have a toy or something else they really like; if they are sleeping or on their bed; or are sick, sleeping, in pain or tired.

Remind your child to be kind, gentle and polite to their pets.

Teach your child to play nicely with their dog, by encouraging them to teach fun tricks like paw, play dead and roll over.

Always supervise your child when they are with a dog, and look for signs that the dog might be feeling uncomfortable such as yawning, lip licking or avoiding eye contact.

Teach children not to approach an unfamiliar dog or one which you, as parents, don’t know to be friendly towards children.

I would add that it’s really important to choose the breed of if you have children or are anticipating children – we are happy to discuss!


Harvey the greyhound in sea in Wales

This could almost be a caption competition-Is this Harvey enjoying the sunshine in Wales and keeping cool; or is the scene of his West Park walk?
After all the rain, it looks a bit like this, although most of the paths are clear in Long Eaton.


Beautiful beach scene in Wales of John Oleshko's dog Harvey

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