Ticks are very small insects (or Arachnids ie same family as spiders!) that are often found in very grassy or woodland areas. They start off quite small, but as they feed on their host they can grow to quite a dramatic size!

Ticks are most active in the Summer and Autumn months, but as the UK has rather variable weather, we are seeing a lot of ticks outside of the usual times.

If you see a tick on your pet, please do get in touch. Please don’t try and pull the tick off, as this can sometimes leave the mouth parts behind causing local infection and inflammation.

Bloated tick and q-tip from Ashfield House Vets

Also, trying to remove the tick by poking it or smothering it in vaseline can sometimes cause the tick to regurgitate its blood meal back into your pet, thereby spreading any diseases it might be carrying.

It is important to check your pets thoroughly after a walk, especially if taking dogs out to woodland areas. Ticks can hide in between toes where they can be very painful and cause discomfort.

We have a range of tick treatments available, so if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

There have been concerns about ticks carrying Babesiosis. Ashfield House Vets were on Notts TV in the spring

I cannot imagine our life over the past few months without John and the team at Long Eaton and Bramcote.

From the very first moments of finding our beautiful 3 year old Labrador Tia had the awful diagnosis of Osteosarcoma, John and the team have been amazing on every level. They have been there to answer our questions, seen us at a moments notice when we have been worried and comforted us during this very awful journey.

We honestly cannot thank you enough from little Tia, Helen and David x


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