Here are a few snaps from our popular puppy club class!

If you’re getting a puppy and they are under 14 weeks old, feel free to speak to our receptionists about booking them in for our socialisation classes.

They run every Monday and Wednesday in Long Eaton 7:45pm-8:45pm

It’s a great opportunity for your puppy to become social with other dogs, get used to coming into the practice for something fun, and to also have a talk with our nurses on a new topic each week including flea & worm control, diet, behaviour etc

puppy at Ashfield House Vets Long Eaton puppy club

Call our Long Eaton number on 0115 9727050 for more information!

puppy at Ashfield House Vets Long Eaton puppy club
puppy at Ashfield House Vets Long Eaton puppy club
puppy at Ashfield House Vets Long Eaton puppy club
puppy at Ashfield House Vets Long Eaton puppy club
puppy at Ashfield House Vets Long Eaton puppy club
puppy at Ashfield House Vets Long Eaton puppy club



Regular deworming is necessary for the health of your pet and to protect the family from particular worms called Toxocara.

Puppies should be wormed every month until 6 months old. Adults (older than 6 months) should be wormed every 3 months.

NOTE: Evidence of intestinal parasites may not necessarily be visible to the naked eye.

Flea Treatment and control

Most, if not all animals, will encounter fleas at some time in their life. Signs of infestation include:

– Presence of actual fleas
– Bites on the skin which look like small pimples
– Black, gritty material on the coat (flea dirt/faeces)
– Allergic skin reactions (dermatitis)

Flea control is possible only if both the pet and its environment are treated.

Basic obedience and toilet training

Use Positive Reinforcement Techniques i.e. reward the good (or desired behaviour) and ignore the bad.
Take your puppy out to the designated toilet area as often as practical: after feeding/sleeping/playing/etc and when they toilet in the right place at the right time then they must be rewarded IMMEDIATELY (treat, cuddle, praise)

Repeat until the behaviour is learned – this may take weeks to months.

Ignore unwanted behaviour (mistakes) – avoid reprimanding and even eye contact; even if your puppy gives you that “guilty look”

Set the house rules now. If your puppy won’t be allowed into the bedroom in the future then it must not be allowed there while it is young.

Familiarity with handling

If your puppy becomes accustomed to having their feet, mouth and ears handled/examined early on, then they are less likely to resent it when they are older.


There are three things that affect the longevity of your puppy. The first is genetics, which we have no control of, the second is environment, which only you have control of, and the third is nutrition.

We recommend dry foods: better for teeth, easily digestible, better quality faeces, easy to feed and cheaper than wet food alternatives


We strongly recommend pet insurance at this practice. Although it is a cost many caring owners willingly pay, bills are often unexpected and can run into hundreds of pounds and increasingly cost thousands of pounds. Please ask for details

Our Gold Club

Our gold club helps you provide essential routine care for your pet (Vaccinations, flea and worm control)

It saves you money on the costs of these treatments and spreads the cost by convenient direct debit.

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