This little lady deserves a very special mention on our website – she donated blood to a very poorly cat here at our Long Eaton Hospital last week!

We put out a Facebook request for a cat blood donor and Wilma’s owner very kindly brought her in.

There are many reasons why a cat may need a blood transfusion – typically it is due to severe anaemia (shortage of red blood cells), which can occur in a variety of illnesses.

cat blood donor Wilma in kennels at ashfield house vets

With dogs, there is a Blood Bank available, where the exact blood required can be ordered. However, there is no blood bank for cats, which is why we rely on donor patients.

So we are sure you will join us in saying “thank you” to our little superstar Wilma!!

We had a very similar case almost exactly a year ago at Ashfield House:

Boris the blood donor saves the day

cat Boris in Ashfield House Vet Hospital after donating blood that was urgently needed

We’ll be forever grateful to Ashfield who treated our cat Titan with the same illness, and saved him, as well as the donors of the cat blood. (Who were our friends).

I can sympathise with the patient’s owners as it’s such a worrying time. Well done Boris and Ashfield. What great owners you have too. I’d always urge anyone that can to donate their pet’s blood –  it truly is lifesaving. 

A. Bailey

On the 12th March 2016, we published this on our practice Facebook page urging anyone to come forward –

“We have a cat in our hospital urgently requiring a blood transfusion. Due to there being no “blood bank” for cats we will require a donation of blood from a healthy (for at least the last 6 months), vaccinated, 1 – 5 year old (maximum 8 year old) cat weighing more than 5kg.

The cat will need to have a sedation in order to safely take the blood but will have blood testing and fluid treatment to make the procedure as safe as possible.

If you think you have a cat that would be kind enough to help us out please call 01159727050 urgently!!”

The handsome lad shown is Boris who was a superstar by donating blood for a critical case in our Ashfield House hospital.

We were overwhelmed by the response we had on Facebook, but Boris ticked all the boxes by being young, healthy and vaccinated and his owner was kind enough to bring him down to us.

Boris had a full blood screen and his blood type tested to make sure he was a match before having a mild sedation to allow a small percentage of his blood to be taken stress free.

This was then transfused into our critical cat patient who was suffering from anaemia (lack of red blood cells) and internal bleeding.

She was then able to undergo an emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and she recovered well in the hospital.

We are tremendously grateful to Boris and his owner as we couldn’t have performed the life saving surgery without the blood donation – thank you Boris!

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