This gorgeous girl is Bailey, who had to come into our Byron clinic for a sedation earlier this week.

She was playing in a field and sadly a grass seed managed to get into her ear canal!

Luckily we managed to remove the grass seed and she is doing really well.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to all the staff on Saturday when I needed to bring my 1 yr old labradoodle in after eating a tub of flapjacks containing raisins.

They were amazing and very quick at getting him in and treated. He is doing very well and back to his bouncy self. Thank you all once again.


dog at Ashfield House hospital had grass seed removed from ear under sedation
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**25 years service!**

**25 years service!**

With her jolly attitude, loyalty and dedication she’s a delight to have around. Thank you Lou-Lou!

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