Temperatures have started dropping dramatically, make sure your fluffy friends are kept warm.

A new tip: use Thermawrap (available in different widths, Screwfix sell a wide one) to make roll up covers for the exterior of sheds, secure the top with a staple gun and weight with bricks at the bottom.

When not in use it’s light enough to roll up, clip and push onto the roof out of the way. Other tips:

  • Use a cardboard box in the night part of the hutch and line with plenty of hay.
  • Use lots and lots and lots of straw so the bunny can burrow deep into it.
  • Invest in a Snugglesafe Heat Pad. A brilliant product which is a disc that heats in the microwave and keeps warm for up to 10 hours.
  • Water bottle covers can help prevent water from freezing quickly but water should be changed more frequently . You can add a few drops of medicinal glycerine which delay freezing too. Make sure you check the nozzle as this is often the first area to freeze and little rabbit tongues are very sensitive.
  • Rabbits will use a lot of energy keeping warm so they may need a SLIGHT increase of hard food during the cold and keep the hay levels topped up as much as possible.

More info on winter care online, click on the Action for Rabbits image

rabbits for action
rabbits in hat
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