We are thrilled to announce that Maria has passed her General Practitioner Certificate in Exotic Animal Practice!

This certificate involved lots extra studying and hard work and we are so proud of her!

Maria will happily see any exotic pet – whether scales, feathers or fur! Here she is with the handsome Joey the tegu who came to see her recently.

If you have an exotic pet and would like to make an appointment, please call us on 0115 9727050 and Maria would be happy to see you. If she is busy, we have another super exotics vet Bea who will also happily see any of your exotic pets!

maria exotics vet at Ashfield House Vet Hospital Long eaton

Congrats and thank you very much!


Cats do not spread Covid-19

Cats do not spread Covid-19

We want to reassure our clients that according to all experts’ opinion and science COVID19 virus spread from human to human and animals do not spread it

Coronavirus Advice

Coronavirus Advice

We will no longer be able to do routine appointments or vaccinations. Please note that these are within RCVS and government guidelines

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