May 2019 is Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, which aims to increase awareness of our hardworking veterinary nurses!

Here at Ashfield House we have over 15 Registered Veterinary Nurses, Student Nurses and Animal Nursing Assistants who all work very hard to take care of your pets.

See the range of important tasks they do.

For more information on a career in veterinary nursing, take a look at:

Did you know our veterinary nurses play a role in imaging?
If your pet ever needs an X-ray or an ultrasound, there will be a dedicated veterinary nurse with your animal throughout the whole procedure.

This nurse will monitor the anaesthetic or sedation, ensure your pet is correctly positioned and will work with the veterinary surgeon to help get the best image for diagnosis.

RVN Vet Nurse Sarah Pattinson at Ashfield House Vets with kitten
Imaging room Ashfield House Vets

Even after the imaging has finished, the nurse will still be working hard ensuring all the images are safely stored and the machine is well maintained, cleaned and ready for the next patient!

Did you know our internal laboratory is run entirely by nurses?

blood sample under microscopeVeterinary nurses can:
Take blood samples
Prepare blood smears for analysis
Collect urine samples
Run the samples through our laboratory machines
Run quality controls on all our machines to ensure accurate results
Package and sort samples needing to go to external labs

Our veterinary nurses have a key role to play in surgery

From the moment your pet arrives right up till the point of discharge, a veterinary nurse is involved!

vet nurse at ashfield House vetsFirstly, animals are usually admitted to the practice by a veterinary nurse, who will obtain any pre-operative blood samples necessary and place a catheter into your pets vein. Our nurses will then administer a pre-medication authorised by the hospital veterinary surgeon.

The nurse will assist the veterinary surgeon in the induction of anaesthesia and will monitor your pet throughout the procedure. They will also provide all the surgical kits and equipment the vet may need.

Once the operation is finished, the nursing team will monitor the pets recovery and once they are up and about will bring some tasty food for them to eat! All dogs are taken outside to our yard regularly for toilet breaks, while all cats have a litter tray provided.

When your pet is ready to go home, a veterinary nurse may discharge them depending on the procedure. They will go through all the post operative care and any medications that have been dispensed.

Our veterinary nurses also see many animals back for post operative checks to ensure all is well and the surgical site is healing nicely.


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