We want to reassure our clients that according to all experts’ opinion and science COVID19 virus spread from human to human and animals do not spread it.

Hear from renowned Professor of Feline Medicine and Infectious Diseases Vanessa Barrs:



happy cat

We would advise:

* Only if an owner has symptoms should they try to keep their cat inside if possible.

* Do not force a cat to stay indoors as this can significantly harm its health and welfare.

* You should not touch a cat if it is not yours.

* Everyone should wash their hands before and after playing with or feeding their cat.

Wonderful Jo

Wonderful Jo

Thank you for all your hard work and all you continue to do.
You’re an absolute star

25 years at Ashfield House!

25 years at Ashfield House!

She is such a kind and caring person and the staff and clients would all be lost without her in the office

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