We are very excited to announce that our surgical team can now offer laparoscopic (keyhole) spays!

This is a minimally invasive way of removing the ovaries via two small incisions, with a camera and long handled equipment.

This means:

lap spay

* No large mid-line incision, only two small incisions for the camera and equipment port!
* Usually no buster collar is required post surgery
* The dogs are much less painful and are back to running around off the lead after 48 hours. They only require 2 days of lead walking rather than the standard 10-14 days!
* NO OVARIES = NO PYOMETRA OR UTERINE DISEASE! We will check your dogs uterus at the time of surgery, if there is no visible disease we can leave the uterus in situ
* Lower risk of wound breakdown
* Greater visualisation on a magnified screen during surgery which is much safer for your pet

Please call us on 0115 972 7050 and ask our friendly reception team all about it, and we can determine whether your dog is suited to this procedure.

There is a supplement of £205 on top of the usual spay price, this is to cover costs for equipment and expertise.

Covid-19 Latest Updates

Covid-19 Latest Updates

Due to the layout of our building it makes it hard to distance effectively within our consulting rooms

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