As Covid restrictions are being eased, our branches will continue to be functioning as they are currently, whereby owners can bring their pets inside. Masks are mandatory, and there is a one client per pet rule with only one client in a consult room at any one time. Maximum capacity rules apply and differ at each branch. This has worked well due to low staff numbers who are mostly double vaccinated.

However, we have no plans to change our protocols in the immediate future for our Long Eaton Hospital. We would love to have our clients back inside with your pets. However we cannot take the risk of a staff member testing positive for Covid, because if we do, it is likely that public Health England will order our entire team to self isolate (as we cannot socially distance from each other when treating your pets and many staff haven’t had both Covid vaccinations).

This would mean our clinic closing for two weeks. Covid cases are currently rising and are expected to peak in August. Branches should they have to close through track and trace would have a much lower impact on the services we could provide to our clients.

Our waiting list for routine appointments is already 1-2 weeks, and sometimes longer for routine surgeries. Emergencies are of course always seen ASAP. We are working as hard as we can, but if we close, the backlog will get even worse. Our patients wellbeing is our number one priority, and we cannot risk our hospital closing.

We hope you understand our current situation, and we will return to normal when it is safe to do so. There is light at the end of the tunnel and things will return to normal.

Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times.

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