View our latest equipment at Ashfield House Veterinary Hospital

Our new ultrasound machine was purchased in January 2010.

We are able to scan for a variety of problems and our Cardiologist; Patricia, uses it regularly to perform heart scans.

Our state of the art digital x-ray machine was purchased in July 2011.

It enables us to produce extremely clear diagnostic images to accurately diagnose any problems in your pet.

dental machine

Our dental machine, complete with drill, scaler and polisher


Our surgical laser allows us to make almost bloodless surgical incisions and helps decrease healing time.

It is used for surgery that is likely to bleed excessively to help reduce blood loss.


Our flexible endoscope is used to visualise the oesophagus, trachea and rectum in dogs to make valuable diagnoses in your pet.


Our ECG – electrocardiogram machine.

Our digital dental x-ray processor

Our digital dental x-ray processor was purchased in April 2011.

It enables us to produce extremely clear images of teeth to help us decide on the best treatment for your pet.

pulse oximeter at Ashfield House Vets

A Pulse-Oximeter is used to monitor your pet’s heart rate and oxygen saturation during surgery.

The machine on the right is an Ap-Alert, that monitors respiration rate and is invaluable during surgery on your pet.

drip infusion pump

One of our many drip infusion pumps.

These make sure the correct amount of fluids are being delivered to your ill pet.

High speed drill for orthopaedic procedures

Our high-speed drill is used in many orthopaedic procedures.

haematology machine

This is our haematology machine. It tests your pet’s blood for a variety of results, such as red blood cell, white blood cell and platelet counts in a matter of minutes.

Microscope in laboratory at Ashfield House Vets

Our microscope allows us to perform cytological examinations on various samples, such as blood, urine, faeces and other bodily fluids.

We are also able to visualise any micro-organisms or parasites that may be infecting your pet.

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