Exotics Advice

We have equipment available for dealing with exotic species including specialist rodent dentistry equipment, a vivarium and have recently acquired a rigid endoscope for reptile and avian procedure, but we are not suitably equipped to deal with venomous snakes, primates or skunks and in this case we will refer you to a practice with suitable health and safety facilities.

We also do not carry out wing clipping of birds at this practice. If you are planning to visit with an reptile or bird, please complete the husbandry forms bird forms here and reptile form here, and bring them with you to your appointment.

This will speed up registration and assessment once you have arrived at this clinic.  If you cannot print the forms off before your appointment, please try to arrive 10 minutes early and the receptionist will provide you with a form.

Do remember to provide extra warmth while travelling with exotic pets, especially reptiles.  Bringing a faecal sample or a sample of cage lining from bird cages is often useful, but you need not bring the whole cage if it is large- as cat carrying basket works well for most parrots.

We also see many backyard chickens and we are an associated practice with the “Chicken Vet”: www.chickenvet.co.uk

Bearded dragon on shoulder of client in consulting room at Ashfield House Vets
Chicken on consulting room table at Ashfield House Vets in Long Eaton
Rat climbing out of carrier on consulting room table at Ashfield House Vets
Hedgehog in Ashfield House Vets Long Eaton kennels eating grass
Hamster with round cheeks in carrier in consulting room
African Grey parrot in carrier coming in for idchip at Ashfield House Vets
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