Identification Chips

They are small, simple and the best way of ensuring that your pet is returned to you if lost.

We recommend a tag on your pets collar AND an ID chip. The chip is placed under the skin with a small injection. No anaesthetic is needed. each chip has a unique code which, when scanned, allows your contact information to be gained from a central database.

We use thermochips which means that we are able to take your pet’s temperature by simply scanning their chip so idchipping has a dual function for your pet. We now have two extra options of a low cost chip without the thermometer function, and of a saving on the thermochip when done at the same time as neutering.

Read all about our Receptionist Jane’s cat who made an amazing return home

Dog having idchip with hand held idchip reader
As of April 2016 it will become law in the UK that all dogs are microchipped and wear collar tags.
Image of an idchip at Ashfield House Vets - size of a rice grain
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