Our Puppy Classes

Do you have a puppy between the ages of 8 and 14 weeks old?

If so we invite you to join our puppy club! This is a 5 week course held on Mondays and Wednesdays (you only need to attend 1 class a week) by our nurses Sarah and Rebecca.

The main purpose for our puppy class is to provide excellent socialisation for your puppy.

Socialisation is intended to develop your puppy into an outgoing, sociable dog without behaviour problems. Joining puppy club involves minimal exposure to health risks and is an excellent way to:

• Increase puppy’s responsiveness to commands
• Teach bite inhibition through puppy play
• Teach proper interaction with people, including strangers and boost confidence
• Learn tips for successful house training and how to prevent hyperactivity
• Strengthen your bond with your puppy

As well as providing a safe environment for your puppies to play and socialise, our nurses will be there to give you the best advice on topics such as nutrition, dental care, fleas, worms, ticks, vaccinations, neutering and insurance!

If you are interested in joining our class please give us a call on 01159727050

puppy class Ashfield House Vets
puppy class with 2 puppies sniffing noses
puppy class with sweet lamrador puppy staring at camera
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