Awards & Further Qualifications

We are so proud of our team, our facilities and our ethos at Ashfield House Veterinary Hospital.

Many of our staff members have undertaken years of extra study to obtain Post Graduate Certificates in specific areas to increase the level of care we can provide to your pets. Furthermore, several of our veterinary surgeons are RCVS Advanced Practitioners in their respective fields, so your pet is in safe hands with Ashfield House Veterinary Hospital.

Amongst our veterinary surgeons, we have Certificate holders in Medicine, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Diagnostic Imaging. Our internal medic, ophthalmologist and our dermatologist also hold RCVS Advanced Practitioner Status.

Within our Registered Veterinary Nursing team, we have Certificate holders in Anaesthesia and Emergency and Critical Care.

We have also gained recognition nationally in several awards:
Ben Pugh (Veterinary Surgeon & Clinical Director) – Petplan Vet of the Year 2020 Finalist, VetPartners Vet of the Year 2020 Finalist
Kylie Bradshaw (Registered Veterinary Nurse) – CEVA Vet Nurse of the Year 2020 Finalist

Petplan Vet Practice of the Year 2013 Finalist
Petplan Vet Practice of the Year 2011 Finalist
Petplan Vet Practice of the Year 2010 Finalist
Petplan Vet Practice of the Year 2009 Finalist

Forefront of Veterinary Medicine

All of our veterinary team undertake regular training, allowing us to keep up-to-date with all the latest advances within the field of veterinary medicine.

We have a strong working relationship with the pharmaceutical companies, which in turn allow us to provide cutting edge treatment options, for example the utilisation of monoclonal antibodies in chronic arthritis cases.

We also work with drug compounding companies, which allows us to provide medicines in a variety of different formats.

For example, if your cat isn’t very good at taking tablets, we can often obtain the medicines in liquid form, or even as a transdermal gel which absorbs via the skin. As you can imagine, this makes administrating the medicine to the reluctant patient so much easier!