Meet Our Reception Team

  • Ashfield House

    Jane Broughton

    Jane, has been working for us since 1993 and is our Reception Manager. She trains our new reception staff and in 2006 she won the Petplan Insurance Advisor of the year!
    Jane is the “Mum” of the practice, always there with a shoulder for people who need it. She has a Jack Russell called Walter. 
    Jane enjoys visits to Derbyshire and can often be found in her caravan there.


  • Ashfield House

    Jo-Anne Howitt

    Jo is the deputy head receptionist and has worked at Ashfield House for over 20 years and has loved every minute of it, which is saying a lot given her longevity with us. Jo loves the team ethic at Ashfield and loves being part of Ashfield family.

    Jo has rehomed lots of animals from here over the years, and currently has a dog, 4 cats, a Senegal, 2 snakes and lots of fish.

    Jo loves spending time with her family who mean everything to her.


  • Ashfield House

    Ann Beatson

    Ann has been a receptionist at Ashfield House since 2009. She has a dog called George, who was brought into the hospital by the dog wardens having been abandoned outside a building.

    George was very unwell but made a swift recovery and has been with Ann ever since. Ann enjoys her job despite the hard days and relishes being part of the fantastic reception team we have.


  • Ashfield House

    Caroline Gant

    I’ve worked as a receptionist at Ashfield House since 2008 and I love my job! I enjoy seeing all the animals and building a rapport with the clients.

    I have a cheeky border terrier called Arthur and love taking him for walks in country and away to the seaside.


  • Ashfield House

    Emma Harrold

    Emma has worked for Ashfield since 2016 on the reception team. She has a dog called Lula who is a Dachshund, a Ragdoll called Ganon, and two rescue Domestic Shorthairs called Pringle and Edwin who were acquired through our clinic.

    Emma has done her Vet Nursing Assistant course in 2018 and has also completed several other courses in Animal Behaviour, Canine Nutrition, Feline Behaviour and physiology, Feline Stress and Elderly pet care.

    She is currently working towards my Level 3 PETbc accredited dog behaviour diploma and hold a Gold level Accredited veterinary receptionist award through the BVRA.


  • Ashfield House

    Jane Keenan

    Jane has been a member of the Ashfield House team since 2012. She enjoys spending her days at work and loves meeting all of the animals which visit the practice.

    At home her days are spent looking after her family, the horses, the dogs and cats, and fish!


  • Ashfield House

    Louise Kidsley

    Louise joined the reception team in 2017 and has so far completed the Silver BVRA award. She has a passion for animals which she shares with her daughter who also works in the reception team.

    She has 4 children, a dog and 3 cats (a very busy household!). In her spare time she enjoys being creative with various arts and crafts.


  • Ashfield House

    Helen Stafford

    Helen joined the Ashfield House reception team in 2019 after working 6 years as a veterinary receptionist at another practice.

    She loves all animals great and small and enjoys meeting the clients and their fur-babies.

    She has four rescue cats called Darcy, Lacey, Ollie and Harkin. Helen has three grandchildren who keep her busy in her spare time.


  • Ashfield House

    Ruby Gokani

    Ruby has worked at Ashfield for over 7 years now. She has a little boy and enjoys walking at the weekends. She studied history at University.


  • Ashfield House

    Lauren Kidsley

    Lauren is a member of the reception team and loves getting to know and assisting all of the clients and their fur babies. She is a bubbly individual with a passion for animals and has a BSc (hons) in applied animal behaviour and training. Animal intelligence is something that really interests Lauren, especially animal training.

    She has many animals at home, with 3 cats, 1 dog and a bunny rabbit who are her fur babies and a massive part of the family. Lauren also enjoys travelling and experiencing new places.