We appreciate it can be a worrying time if your pet has to have a general anaesthetic. While all anaesthetics carry some risk (just as in humans), we are very proud of our anaesthetic protocols and safety record here at Ashfield House Veterinary Hospital.

All patients are constantly monitored by one of our veterinary nursing team (under the supervision of the veterinary surgeon). Many of our nurses have additional qualifications in anaesthesia. Vital parameters are routinely monitored, including heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation level, blood pressure and body temperature. Where appropriate, blood gas analysis is also available as well as ECG.

All our patients have an intravenous cannula placed as standard, so that if an issue arises, we have immediate access to their vascular system. We also provide supportive intravenous fluids while they are under the anaesthetic, to help maintain their blood pressure.

We have advanced monitoring equipment such as our multi-parameter devices, which add another level of reassurance for your pet. We also have additional equipment such as a “Bair hugger” which is a warm-air heating device to prevent hypothermia under anaesthetic. 

Our team regularly undertakes additional training (also known as Continuous Professional Development, CPD) to allow us to be at the forefront of anaesthesia advances. We also have our very own Anaesthesia certificate holder within our vet team.

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