Ophthalmology Services


eye exam kitten-Full ocular examination including the use of Tonometry, Slit lamp Biomicroscopy and Indirect Ophthalmoscopy.

-Assessment and management of corneal ulcers including minor corneal surgical procedures.

-Assessment and management of many conjunctival and nasolacrimal diseases including KCS (dry eye).

-Assessment and management of most eyelid disorders including entropion/ectropion, prolapsed nictitans gland (cherry eye), ectopic cilia, trauma, blepharitis (inflammation) and eyelid neoplasia (tumours).

-Assessment and management of uveitis and glaucoma cases.

-Assessment of cataracts.

-Assessment and management of many eye traumas including eyelid lacerations, corneal injury, globe proptosis and hyphema cases.

-Basic ocular ultrasound.

-Neuro-ophthalmological assessments.

-Will organise referral to a specialist ophthalmologist in cases that require this (Complex entropian cases, anterior lens luxations, vitreo-retinal surgeries, cataract surgeries and major traumas).

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