Sadly, cancer is common in animals and can have heart-breaking consequences. At Ashfield House Veterinary Hospital, we have vast experience in assessing and treating a wide variety of tumours, and we are happy to discuss all available options with you if cancer is suspected in your pet.

  • Surgical Oncology

Our veterinary surgeons have experience in the management of solid tumours, drawing on years of experience within the surgical field. We have veterinary surgeons with extra qualifications in soft tissue surgery, which means we can offer advanced procedures to help treat your pet, including reconstructive surgery.

  • Medical Oncology

Our veterinary surgeons can provide a range of chemotherapy options for your pet if appropriate. While chemotherapy in humans often has many unwanted side effects, animals generally tolerate chemotherapy well, offering a good quality of life while treating the underlying cancer. We have post graduate certificate holders in internal medicine within the veterinary team, ensuring access to a wide variety of chemotherapy options, especially for lymphoma or mast cell tumours.

We work closely with referral centres for the cancers that need radiotherapy treatment or more advanced procedures, allowing us to provide a comprehensive approach to your pets care.

Palliative End of Life Care

Should the worse happen, and a terminal prognosis is given, we will always strive to ensure your pet has a good quality of life right up to the end.

Our vets have experience with a wide variety of multi-modal pain relief strategies to ensure they are happy and comfortable, as well as access to many anti-nausea medications and appetite stimulants should they have bad days.

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