Inpatient and Overnight Care

With the main hospital being extensively renovated recently, we are fortunate to have modern high-spec kennels in which we hospitalise our patients.

We have dedicated dog, cat and isolation wards, as well as shower room and exercise yard. The feline ward is designed to be ultra-cat friendly, with soothing music and de-stressing products a go, and sound reducing walls all ensuring the stay be a stress free as possible.

The canine wards are kitted out with spacious kennels, plenty of toys, large variations in foods available, and of course, plenty of nurses to ensure cuddles and tickles are on tap.

Animals hospitalised are given the highest level of clinical care. Dedicated nurses will monitor and care for your beloved animals, working alongside the hospital vet each day to ensure the cases are efficiently managed.

Clients are usually given updates 2-3 x daily depending on the case but our staff are ever present to speak to you over the phone should your animal require hospitalisation.

Our skilled team of nurses are able to provide a range of outpatient consultations for your pets, including weight watchers clinics to assist your pet with weight loss, diabetic monitoring clinics and senior pet health clinics.

Our lovely nurses are also on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding a new puppy or kitten – we have free nurses clinics for all new puppies and kittens, where our nurses will give information on neutering, flea/worm treatments, vaccinations, socialisation and top tips to keep your new babies looking great!

The nursing team are also available to provide services such as nail clipping, microchip implantation, second vaccinations, post operation checks and suture removals!

We also provide, social visits, flea and worming advice, mobility clinics, weight clinics, senior clinics and end of life discussions.

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