Bereavement & Post-Mortem

Should the worst happen, Ashfield House Veterinary Hospital can still assist by organising a post mortem should this be required. We work closely with the University of Nottingham to provide an independent post mortem service.

Sadly, there comes a time when a family member passes away or a decision has to be made about euthanasia for a pet. We are here to help in all those circumstances.

We use a reputable pet crematorium afterwards, and ashes can be returned individually for scattering, or in a casket. We can also provide remembrance ink paw prints, impression prints and hair vials. Some easing of the pain can be gained by discussing and deciding your wishes before a crisis happens e.g. When might we consider euthanasia? Will we want cremation? How do we help the children cope?

We stock a book that helps younger children to understand and deal with the loss of a pet and there are useful pointers for parents. It is called ‘Missing my Pet’.

 Available from reception at £4.99




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Bereavement & Post-Mortem